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Do you feel like your isbeing utilized to its potential? Receiving coaching based on your own driving mistakes is the most effective way to enhance your driving skills.
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california freightDTSthompson catBulckeyCRHcapital
Automatically release videos and training materials following review by advanced recognition technology and the safety team verification
How does DOTsfty work?
Our professional safety team reviews all your recordings on your behalf
When poor driver behavior is identified, we update the Motive status from “Pending Review” to “Coachable”
Dash cam footage is attached and sent directly to your drivers through the Motive Driver App along with our short-video training material
Upon completion of the training by the drivers, DOTsfty updates the status on Motive from “Coachable” to “Coached”
training cost savings
American West
Reduction in training admin time
Reduction in false positive events

Motive Driver App Embedded Driver Portal

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Drivers can access the dashboard to review their daily performance and coaching progress on Motive Driver App

Official Training Content Partners

Trusted by DuPont, Nike etc.
• DOT/FMCSA regulation

• Hazmat


• Defensive driving/inspection
569 modules
20 years Industry Experience
Covers Variety of Fleets

  • Flatbed

  • Stinger Steer

  • Tanker

  • Van
156 modules
Contents produced by attorney specialized in Truck Safety
Covers DOT Compliance

  • HOS

  • CSA

  • Drug & Alcohol

  • Clearing House
35 modules
Driver e-training
$10/ Month / Driver
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Motive Embedded Coaching: Accessible anywhere, allowing drivers to complete training on Motive
Driver AppDash cam integration:
DOTsfty integrates with Motive dash cam and deliver coaching attached with video footage through Motive Driver App.
Over 800 Curated Modules:
Specializing in key areas like “harsh driving” or “inspection”. We also cover “OSHA” for regular training.  
Short & Engaging Videos:

Choose from pre-built training or build your own training.
Optional Premium Content (Ask Price):
Vector Solutions +600 contents
CarrierEdge +150 contents
TruckSafe +15 contents

COMPLEMENTARY Dash Cam Footage Review

Human dash cam footage review:
Additional layer of accuracy and analysis by checking all recorded risky driving moments through our professional review team.
High Standard:
Our professional review service is conducted by safety managers with minimum 10 years of experience at renowned transportation companies.
Advanced Technology: Our affordability is made possible through our advanced backend technology utilizing autonomous driving-grade object detection, depth detection, and context understanding.