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February 2024
San Luis Obispo, CA
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Dedicated Transportation Services (DTS), a subsidiary of Johnson Feed Inc., recognized the potential for improvements in its driver behavior and vehicle inspection cadence. DTS, with its fleet of 20 drivers, aimed to achieve enhanced fleet safety standards and fuel efficiency.
To achieve this objective, they collaborated with us, DOTsfty – a state-of-the-art driver training software. With the seamless integration of our software with Samsara, DTS acquired in-depth insights into driver behavior, enabling them to comprehend and address issues related to driving habits and vehicle inspection procedures.

Why Our Customer
Loves Us

We acquired a company four years ago, and since then, fostering a safety culture among our drivers has been one of our primary challenges.

We tried introducing weekly safety quizzes, believing they would be a step in the right direction. However, they ended up resulting in low engagement levels among our drivers. Feedback indicated that many drivers viewed these quizzes as mundane, repetitive, or not reflective of the genuine challenges they face daily on the roads. This evident disconnect hampered our efforts to cultivate an authentic culture of safety and ongoing learning.

This is where DOTsfty has been a game-changer for our company. DOTsfty has streamlined our safety training program. We now possess actionable insights into driver behaviors, which are instrumental in our coaching initiatives. This has resulted in marked improvements in our fleet’s performance concerning safety standards, insurance expenses, and fuel consumption. We're glad we made the switch.
Robert Putt
CEO at DTS Dedicated
Transportation Services
Analysis and Training Rollover
What’s the difference between Samsara Score v DOTsfty 360 Score?

Upon our initial engagement with DTS and our integration with Samsara, we swiftly began distinguishing between low-performing and top-performing drivers. This distinction was crucial, as it allowed us to tailor our training modules more effectively and focus on specific areas of improvement for each driver.
The scoring system of Samsara primarily provided data on a per-vehicle basis, with an emphasis on aggressive driving patterns. While this is invaluable, it may not capture the entirety of a driver's behavior and efficiency. Our DOTsfty 360 score, on the other hand, offered a more comprehensive view by focusing on per driver data. This distinction between the two scoring systems was crucial in identifying areas that might be overlooked by the Samsara score alone.
Analysis and Training Rollover
Deep-Dive Per Driver Analysis

For instance, Anthony was celebrated as one of the best in the carrier for his impeccable driving performance. However, when we delved deeper into his behaviors, particularly his idling time, we discovered that he was one of the worst in that regard. This was an area that, despite his overall excellent performance, needed attention.
Similarly, Thomas’s driving performance data from Samsara painted a picture of him as one of the least efficient drivers. However, when our DOTsfty 360 score factored in other parameters like inspection thoroughness, idling time, and fuel efficiency, a different narrative emerged. Thomas emerged as one of the top performers. This revelation underscored the importance of our comprehensive approach, highlighting areas of improvement and strengths that might otherwise remain unnoticed.

How DOTsfty Rolled Out the Training?

Inspection Compliance Insight
We continued to leverage the capabilities of Samsara to extract raw data related to driving behaviors and vehicle inspection cadence. You don’t need any coding or engineering, simply log-in your Samsara on our platform.
DOTsfty Training
Post the extensive Analysis and Planning phase, the training rollout was crafted to ensure maximum efficiency and impact. A critical turning point in this rollout was the direct involvement of DTS's leadership.
Robert, the CEO and Safety Director of DTS, collaborated closely with our DOTsfty team to implement an event trigger system. Here’s what this event trigger system entailed:
Scheduled Weekly Training
Robert's directive ensured that every driver was required to undergo training at least once a week. This mandate reinforced safety protocols and efficient driving habits consistently, keeping the drivers aligned with the company's safety and efficiency goals.
Real-time Notifications and Training
Beyond the scheduled training, we emphasized the importance of immediate correction. As a result, if a driver showcased behaviors such as unsafe driving or neglected their vehicle inspections, the event trigger system would immediately send them real-time notifications via Samsara. In certain instances, instant training modules would be dispatched, ensuring that the driver is equipped with the right knowledge to prevent future lapses.
Monitoring Idling Time
Given the economic and environmental impact of long idling times, this parameter was also integrated into the event trigger system. Should a driver's idling time exceed a predefined threshold, they would receive instant alerts, urging them to take corrective measures.
DOTsfty Training
Drivers were provided with real-time feedback, allowing them to correct behaviors on the go. Additionally, periodic assessments were planned to ensure consistent improvement and refine training modules.
Driver Experience

A crucial aspect of the DOTsfty training rollout was ensuring that the drivers found the system not only informative but also user-friendly. The overall experience was curated with the driver's convenience and accessibility in mind.

Here's what set our product apart in terms of driver experience:
Seamless Integration
The drivers didn’t have to grapple with the hassle of creating new training accounts or downloading additional apps. The integration with Samsara meant that they would simply receive training notifications either through the Samsara platform or as text messages on their phones. This ensured a streamlined and effortless initiation to the training.
Concise and Accessible Training Videos
Understanding that drivers are often on tight schedules, the training videos were designed to be concise yet impactful. Each video was less than 3 minutes long, ensuring that the core message was communicated effectively without being time-consuming. Furthermore, drivers could easily watch these videos during their breaks or while parked, making the training process flexible and adaptable to their routines.
Driver Experience Demo via Samsara App
The positive feedback from drivers underscored the success of our approach. The ease of use and accessibility of the training modules ensured not only efficient learning but also high levels of engagement and compliance from the drivers. It was clear that by prioritizing their experience, DOTsfty was able to make a significant impact on their driving habits and safety protocols.
ROI Analysis
Training engagement rates have increased from 5% to 80% and time spent on communication with drivers has been reduced to ZERO!

In this case study of our client conducted from October 1, 2023, to October 31, 2023, we also observed a 26% reduction in idling time and a complete elimination of harsh braking incidents, which has not only enhanced driving habits but is also projected to lead to a $12,000 decrease in fuel costs for 20 drivers. Additionally, the CEO anticipates a reduced risk of roadside inspections and accidents, potentially enabling the company to renegotiate their insurance premiums with their broker.