Driver Platform for intelligent coaching

No. 1 Coaching Solution on Samsara 360° performance analysis and automated e-Training
Switch from Idelic to DOTsfty and
enjoy savings on content fees
Discover the comprehensive offerings of DOTsfty, where our all-inclusive pricing model ensures you benefit from both software and an extensive training library featuring 800+ contents in collaboration with Vector Solutions.
Switch from Idelic to DOTsfty and
not only save on content fees
But also significantly reducetime spent on administrative tasks. With DOTsfty, your training assignment administration costsand communication expenses with drivers drop to zero. This allows you to focus more on whattruly matters but also significantly reduce time spent on administrative tasks. Focus more on what truly matters.

What DOTsfty Can Do

DOTsfty provides 360 driver performance analysis and automated training program
Driver communication
Pricing Structure
Training Contents Partner
Time spent on training admin
Time spent on follow-up andremind drivers
Integration with telematics
Pre-built training content
Real time communication via Samsara Driver App or anyother driver’s app
DOTsfty price includes partnercontents
Vector Solutions, CarrierEdge,Truck Safe
Full automation on training initiation
Zero with automated trainingpush/reminder
All partners listed on Idelic iscomparable with DOTsfty
Driving safetyVehicle maintenanceFuel efficiency
Modern, Mobile friendly
Full Training Catalog
Another Safety Platform...Another Log-in/Password
Add-on pricing for eachpartners
Carrier Edge. Luma. JJ. Keller
Limited automation ontraining assignment
Not available
Traditional, PC friendly

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